HVAC Testing and Balancing

New HVAC systems will typically not meet design specifications upon startup. Adjusting the system to design specifications requires testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) of control devices.

Duct Leakage and Blower Door Testing

Testing designed to measure the air tightness of HVAC systems and building envelopes in order to improve energy efficiency and meet code requirements.

Preconstruction Planning and Testing

Reviewing specifications and testing existing systems can help mitigate the risks and costs associated with poorly planned designs and reusing old equipment.

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement

An ultrasonic flow meter measures fluid flow through a pipe with ultrasound. This non invasive technique is critical when flow rates are required and conventional flow metering devices are absent or inaccessible.

Aeroseal Duct

Aeroseal is a patented technology that seals ductwork from the inside out. This technology can be used on every part of a ducted system, even those seemingly inaccessible areas in both new and existing buildings.

Odor Migration Diagnosis

Most commercial and multi family buildings include several shared ventilation systems that could create pathways for odors to migrate. Understanding these systems and airflow dynamics allows us to properly assess these issues.



B&L Testing and Balancing is a NEBB-certified provider of Testing and Balancing services for the HVAC industry.

B&L was founded in 2015 by Brett V. Sanicola.  Mr. Sanicola is a licensed Professional Engineer with over 15 years experience in the construction and HVAC industry. As the President of B&L, Brett oversees the company’s day-to-day operations with emphases in technician training, project management, planning, budgeting, staffing, and troubleshooting

Our goal is to help shareholders in the HVAC industry improve occupant comfort, achieve design specifications, extend maintenance intervals, improve energy efficiency, and ensure efficient operation of new and existing HVAC systems.

We believe that engaged, enthusiastic, and loyal employees are pivotal drivers of growth and health in any organization.  Under the guidance of senior staff, we recruit the best and brightest balancing technicians and develop them into competent project engineers to keep your projects on track.







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